Melly’s Surprise Bday Party.

Venue : Ingolf

Caline planned a party and Melissa had no idea that it was for the birthday. Well my car, gave me a little trouble before I managed to dine with my friends. The stupid break lights wouldn’t turn off even after I off the engine. But anyway, managed to ask a guy to off the break switch for me. I haven’t get it fixed until now. I had fun with my bunch of girlfriends whom I didn’t meet for a long time. And managed to meet Jo’s boyfriend.

First thing when I sat down, a bunch of Australians sitting at our next table kept looking at our table. I have no idea why. I actually thought that he was interested with one of us. 🙂 Turned out, one of them was celebrating his 77th birthday. I guess it was a surprise for him too. We girls sang out loud for him and he thanked us. One of them, the guy who kept looking at us, came over, gave us a bottle of wine. Told us to finish it if we can and he told Jo’s boyfriend that he’s sitting at his place. Lol. They also gave us few pieces of his cake. 🙂 How nice.

We enjoyed our dinner, and somehow, accidentally i started a dirty joke. I did not have that intention at all, until Jo pointed out that it sounded wrong. There goes, everyone started making dirty jokes. Later after that, Caline brought out the cake and we sang the birthday song. The bunch of Australians sang for Melissa too. We also gave them some cake in return and Melissa took a picture with the birthday man. He said “I hope you are not as old as me”. Another guy told Melissa that by the Australian law, Melissa is now his wife. Friendly people.


After chatting until around 11.30pm, we said goodbyes to each other and also to the Australians. We had a fun night I’d say. 🙂


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