inner peace?

there are times when we are down and it sucks real bad when we just couldn’t do anything to forget about it, or make things better. it may be about yourself, family, relationship, friends and more. “truth hurts”. in some way they’re right. there’s a second part to that line. “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you”. combines well.

sometimes you wish things could be different. you wanna take back what you said, and you wish you could turn back time and undo things. but what’s done is done. and what’s said is said. that’s the beauty of time and words. and in some cases, it’s just too late to make amends and probably left a scar in someone’s heart; someone’s life.

beneath the smile that i have on my face, i feel disturbed at times. even when i don’t think about my problems, i know it is somewhere in my head. there are words that keep repeating in my head, and they are the hurtful truth that i sometimes wish i don’t know about. but knowing the truth kept me from making a fool out of myself.

perhaps i am not trying hard enough and i may seem tough, but i am just human. i have problems of my own, my own expectation, and things that i wouldn’t wanna remember. i want to find my inner peace, letting go of things that i should be letting go, some time for myself, and some space for me to day dream about a much beautiful life. let’s just hope that i could find peace in myself.


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