My experience in Guess Kids.

Hey guys. I haven’t update my blog a while now. So, I had been working these past few months. Yesterday was my last day at Guess Kids. I worked there for 2 months + now. I had fun working there, with Gladys (Ah Bang), Jaes (Bomba), Yi Xin(Chubby), Xu-Peng (Ah Peng) and Khai Hern (Roti Canai). They are the 5 new people that I’ve got to know and they are very friendly people. 5 different individuals with different personalities. I had learned a lot from these people and shared a lot of good and funny memories with them. I had drafted a simple flash, I hope I have the time to make the flash animation about all of us. 🙂 Will miss you guys and keep in touch. Take care ya’ll. See you guys when I come back to Penang. ♥ Will post up some photos soon. Gotta start packing now. 🙂 Good night world.


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