by a friend.

“It’s a miracle how people can let go of things they fond of – be it a relationship or things they really treasure. How life can be so ironic when they actually fell in love at first sight; and tomorrow it turns sour.
What could be the catalyst?
What is the reason behind the shift of events?
Nobody actually knows.
There could be millions of reasons behind a single event. Perhaps, it just happens to be a coincidence. Perhaps, it is the nature of human being. Or perhaps, it is fate.
The illogical sense of humanity just do not fit in the picture anymore.
What the reality brings is not about the truth but the feelings. “Within a soul, what matters is how you feel for them and not how they feel for you.” As much as we are denying this fact, it slowly finds it way into the ‘truth’ for humanity. Contradicting but to be exact, it just happens.
People always say that, “Life is about letting go.” But what is there to let go, when you already let go in the first place. There is no meaning to the phrase. If it is that easy to let go, then you can see how meaningless it could be. In fact, letting go is the hardest things in life. No matter how much I hold back, tears will always be there” – Kok Hee @ 

I couldn’t help sharing this in my blog. It is a very meaningful entry. I guess, those who are trying to let go, have to learn to be strong. Cause’ no matter how hard the road and the path is, we have to walk through it, as the road behind us, it has already gone.

P/S: a really good entry Kok Hee. look forward to read more. πŸ™‚


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