extinction of humanity?

The world has become rather disappointing these days. There are people who abuse animals just because they simply feel like doing it. These animals have feelings too. I just saw a picture of a dog being tied and dragged on the road by using a motorcycle via facebook. And another where a dog was tied and the person was trying to nail his legs to the ground by using hammer and humongous nail. The poodle that was punched and thrown to death by his owner, JUST BECAUSE he wants his poodle to stand like human; Those adorable rabbits that are stepped and squished to death by using heels.What does these animals do to you that you have to treat it that way. Animals are supposed to be man’s best friend. How could the animals trust us when these irresponsible people or some even their own owner mistreated them?!
It seems that it is a trend for those irresponsible mothers to throw their new born babies around like trash these days. Almost everyday, there are cases of irresponsible mothers dumping their child in the newspaper. Dumping their own baby down from the 3rd floor, into the river, and at the rubbish dump. Besides that, there are also cases of step mothers and real mothers forcing their kids into prostitution. Fathers too, who sodomized his own 23-DAYS-old son when his wife is still under confinement refused to have sex with him. Does it ever occur in his mind, what would happen to his son emotionally and psychologically when he grows up? Should he knows the truth or should his ugly past be hidden from him? Why become parents when you do not know how to take care and love your family?
I really do not understand. If you can’t handle the commitment, then don’t take up the responsibility. Don’t keep a pet and then abuse them. Don’t be a parent if you could not love your own child and family. People, we human are gifted with heart and brain. Use them. THINK! get a punching bag if u need to release your stress, don’t release them on animals. USE PROTECTION or SIMPLY DON’T DO IT, if u are going to be irresponsible and throw your babies around! 
Personally, i couldn’t bare seeing these adorable animals being abused. I couldn’t last a few seconds looking at those abusive pictures. For the world to become a better place, the people need to change! Find some love in your heart somewhere and some humanity in you!!

2 thoughts on “extinction of humanity?

  1. Honey H. says:

    thank you. the world is not how it was before. i tried visiting your blog. and i believe you left a link to a post for me to check it out. but your blog is private so i could not access it.


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