Script Writing and Storyboarding Workshop by FINAS

For the last 2 days, we Multimedia Students had a workshop organized by our school and also FINAS (Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia) on Scripting and Storyboarding. Personally, it was an inspiring workshop to me, as the speaker for the workshop is an interesting, generous and successful person in the multimedia industry and has definitely inspired me to love art and drawing. ♥

The name is Mr Abdul Rahman Sallehudin He taught us how to draw live, and guided us on what is involved in script writing. His drawings are remarkable that I wish i too know how to draw like him. He has made me love my course even more. We learned so much from him and he gave us great advises. He also managed to show us a few of the animations created by his company. It is really good. They are currently working on a movie production and it will be on screen on 2013. Lucky us, we all get to see a few of the scenes. His talk weren’t boring at all, and at one point, there were tears involved.

On Thursday night, he treated all of us who were involve in the workshop, including Mr Ryan Andrias with his family and Pn Nooraisyah with Mr Ahmad Rizal, along with people from FINAS for a dinner at Anjung Ketam. It was the first time I had seafood in Labuan, and it is all thanks to Mr Rahman for being so kind and it made us all really happy. I had a lot of fun with my course mates, and it was also the first time we went out with almost everyone in our course. It was Anass’s birthday yesterday and we all sang her a birthday song. We sang a lot a lot of times! 🙂

Mr Rahman also taught us how to do our storyboard and how to work with camera. He also bought a cake and chocolate for Anass for her birthday yesterday. How surprising! And we all got chocolates too! and certificates! 🙂 But that was not the highlight of this workshop. For me, from this workshop, I learned that I love the course that I chose and Mr Rahman inspires me to work hard and to love arts. Thank you Mr Rahman and thank you to Mr Ryan and Mdm Nooraisyah for giving us this opportunity to gain some knowledge. 🙂

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