I hate the feeling when people blame you for things that they don’t understand or things that are uncontrollable. probably they have no one to blame, or they simply just can’t blame themselves.

for some reason God create everyone with no capabilities of mind reading. perhaps it’s because of the term  privacy and we can’t be transparent with people that we are not close with. if only one person could understand you, and know what you are thinking. it would spare the time to explain all the mess and mistakes that you want to correct, or the proper term would be misunderstanding.

there has to be a reason why one act the way they act at that particular moment. something must have happened or someone must have done things that changed the way they act. that someone should stop making things worse and try to understand the cause of the situation instead of blaming it on others.

sometimes people expect much from you, and when they don’t get what they want, they blame you. funny how people tend to blame people close to them. weird right. if you are blamed for something and you are not supposed to be blamed, just say it to his/her face “dude, it’s not written in my job description!” urgh.


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