slippin’ through my fingers.

how would you feel when you know that you are losing a friendship that is very important to you? and no matter how much you hold on to it, it is slipping through your fingers. well, i guess that’s because this friend does not want this friendship anymore. at this point i feel very disappointed and hurt because we were close and now we are absolutely nothing. i value this friendship, but within a single decision, this person could be cold-hearted and wipe clean everything as if this friendship never matters. action speaks louder than words. “wanna save this friendship” huh?  does not feel like it at all. what hurt most, is that there’s nothing i can do, and frankly, no matter how hurtful it is, i think i have to and would just play with it cause’ there is no point for me to hold onto something that i value so much but mean nothing to this friend, i guess, if we are still friends. i will make it easy, by just leave. the pain is ..


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