for the past few days, due to consecutive days of examination and out of food in my room on the wrong time, it caused me pain that i had never felt before. i only took main meals, and no food to snack on when i stayed up the whole night for 3 days, with only 2 hours sleep and no sleep even. i had gastric for staying up late, and i stupidly drank coffee with empty stomach to stay up. on the 3rd day i had a bad gastric, could not breathe properly, shivers and also headache.

2 days after the 3 tiring days, which was about 2 days ago, i suffer the consequences of sleepless night and gastric. i still have a mild fever and had a real bad gastric that i felt nausea, and could not eat, not to mention, unbearable pain on the stomach. doctor said, there was too much acid in my stomach. he also mentioned, coffee causes the stomach to release more acid. now you know why the act of taking coffee with empty stomach is a stupid thing to do. i had hard time to sleep with bloated stomach and pain attacking me every 10 to 15 minutes. it was an experience that i never want to go through again.

today, i feel better and appetite is coming back. now, when i feel tiny bit of hungriness in me, i will make sure there is something going into my stomach. and still recovering from the fever. despite suffering from a bad gastric, i learned that i have great friends around me who really cares for me. i am truly grateful to have them around me when i needed them most. real glad to have them as my friend. this experience, somehow opened up my mind and finally accept some truth that i denied subconsciously. well, hope i could recover real fast and get back on track to study for my 2 following papers.

lesson : make sure you have food all the time as back up!!! don’t try gastric, it’s not the new black. trust me. =)


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