Studying OVER. Internship!

Hey has been a while since I last updated my blog. Well here I am, ALIVE. Anyway, university life is over now for almost a month. I am currently doing my internship in KL. Man I really miss my friends in Labuan. Studying life is way way more fun. So what I am doing for my internship currently is developing Symbian applications. Which turned out to be rather difficult as I have no idea at all how to code in QML. But I’m getting the hang of it now. Gotta rush and finish up projects with my partner Wilson. Talking about that, I have nice and friendly colleagues. I enjoyed working with them despite the daily head cracking job to solve errors that we encountered and creating the application. Well, this is a challenge that I have to take up and work it out. Well Friday is always a happy day for me as it will be weekend the next day which equals to sleep! As for this week I gotta try finish up the application. Sigh. Anyway, i gotta go sleep now. Will update soon 🙂


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