2:56 am

(1929 – 2012)

This morning at exactly 2:56 am, I lost someone very dear to me, my beautiful beloved grandma, who took care of us since we were young until we grew up. She bared the pain that she suffered waiting for the rest of us that travel back from KL to Penang to see her one last time. And I’m so glad we made it.

When doc said it’s time to remove the tube, she struggled insisting that she wanna wait for us. She was on the bed, motionless in ICU with tubes helping her to breathe. Her blood pressure was low, but when we arrived, it went up. I shivered and stunned when I saw her at the hospital. At that moment, I knew it is really going to happen.

We said our last words and doc removed the life support. We brought her home and put her on her comfortable bed, covered in blanket. We were all at her side when the nurse took out the oxygen tube. And that was her last breath.

She is smiling and in peace now, and she still looks beautiful.

She had always been a strong woman who loved us so much. She enjoyed cooking for us and took care of us until the age of 82. Throughout her life, she worried about her children and us, her grandchildren. To be good; to study hard; to be thrifty; everything else a good person should be.

Everything happened so suddenly and fast. Time doesn’t allow us to spend more time with her anymore. But we were glad that she managed to say her last wishes and meet the whole family before she left in peace.

I love you ama. & I miss you already. 😥
Miss your voice, laughter, nagging, everything. Don’t worry about us. We can take care of ourselves. It’s time for you to rest. Sleep well & I hope you left in peace.


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