Empty yet Full.

It takes one person to leave us forever to appreciate people around you more. Everyone in my family has their tiny bits of regret, wishing that they could do more, and spend more time with my grandma. I gotta say, I am now more attached to my family than ever. The funeral was cheerful despite the tears that we all shed. I could feel the bond between all of us grow stronger and my grandma would be so happy because the whole family was at home and as usual, the Hongs were all super noisy and we all ate like most of the time! 🙂 We all rewrote the prayers book that we photocopied for my grandma to wish her well up there. It was all in Mandarin, and obviously, our writing was terrible as we don’t know how to read and write Chinese characters. My grandma would definitely laugh at us but she would understand as it came from the bottom of our heart.

I believe that my grandma is now in a better place. She was the heart of the family; the glue that brings every single one of us in the family together. Now she is no longer around, everything has changed. Life seemed a little empty now, but we always remember that she left happily in peace. Back at home, it never felt like she left at all, like she was always at home. And we were all so used to having her around, that we mentioned her in our daily life like usual even though, in reality we would never see her anymore. She was the reason that everyone return home no matter how far we all are. Now we have to keep our family as strong as when she was around. We appreciate each other more now, and we will make a point to go home as often as possible to see our parents; our family.


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