Fireworks’s Sushi Frenzy

We had a company dinner at Sushi Tei yesterday, in conjunction with Chinese New Year and I had a lot of fun bonding with all my colleagues. Everyone had a lot of fun eating, taking pictures and so on. The food was delicious and the Sake definitely made people go nuts! After meal we all had small lucky draw sessions and everyone went home with red packet. We then all had a little challenge where if the person accept the Wasabi challenge, he/she could have another chance of taking another draw. Well, my colleague, a designer definitely had fun designing weird taste Sushi; soaked with Sake and soy sauce; topped with Wasabi and chilli powder on the sashimi. The two lucky winners got themselves a Asus tablet and a Asus multimedia player. After that, we had some “Yee Sang” moments before we all went home. Thanks to both of my bosses for the great meal! Will upload some photos soon 🙂

Fireworks at Sushi Tei

Fireworks at Sushi Tei


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