I’ve been occupying myself at gym for about a month now. It is a healthy activity for me and it takes my mind off ridiculous things that I should not waste my time to think about. It is a time for myself to distress, be healthy and lose weight at the same time. I enjoy having these moment even though it was some hard tiring hours of working out. Lucky for me, I have gym partners that have the same goal as I am and it makes it easier for me to stay on track and achieve my goal. And they are my aunt, and my uncle and his family. Yeap! There are 6 Hongs and 1 mini Hong in the gym! How noisy! 😀  We all have something new to talk about now; what we did in gym, people we meet, etc.

As much as I enjoy meeting new people at the gym, there are a couple of weird people in the gym that I’ve noticed. People probably think I’m weird too, but who cares?! Lol. One, is a guy that I’m dying to avoid. I have no idea what his goal is, but it’s definitely not working out. He spent less than 10 minutes on the thread mill and spent the rest of his time talking to people. I was one of the victim! Gosh! Once, he was just at the gym to take a bath! (He told me that.) Then, there’s this woman. She does not tie her long hair up during work out and she just leave it bouncing when she does body combat, push up and all. And she doesn’t seem to sweat! Another woman, she spent like 1 minute on the leg machine with mobile phone on her hand, and then she’s done for the session.

There are also a few weird couples in the gym. One, the girlfriend enjoys sleeping on the mat. She lied down on the mat for a long time and she did sit ups with the speed of a tortoise. After I finished hundreds of skipping right beside her, she is still static on the mat! She moved when her boyfriend came checking on her and teach her a couple of moves. Another couple, the boyfriend stares at people for a long time and enjoys disturbing his girlfriend while she is doing her work out. Weird girlfriend does not like to smile.

I do talk to some nice people at the gym despite noticing those who went there to waste time and money. There’s this father and daughter who always do their running and strength training. They can really run. Gosh, running is so not my thing. Never have the patience for it. Some of the trainers are also nice. I enjoy attending their classes in the gym. Evan from the Zumba class, Lydia from Body Combat class and Jason from the Body Pump class.

Overall, I love going to gym! Wonder what’s gotten into me!


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