A different Chinese New Year.

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year! May all of you have a prosperous Snake year. πŸ™‚

Anyway, this year is the first time we celebrate Chinese New Year without my grandma. Even though, we weren’t supposed to celebrate the first Chinese New Year after family member’s death, all of us did went back to our hometown and have a great reunion dinner. It was different than every other year because usually we will make noise and chit chat our grandma. We weren’t allowed to pay a visit to friend’s house. Nevertheless, we had a great time and it felt good to be home with family and catch up with some old friends. We enjoyed eating non-stop and drinking Shandy at home.

This year we did a few new things. Floating the lanterns up to the sky and also Pop-Pop Battle (fire crackers that pop when thrown on the ground). Chinese New Year was rather quiet, but we had fun.

Pop-Pop Battle Aftermath

Pop-Pop Battle Aftermath

Close Up

Close Up


4 thoughts on “A different Chinese New Year.

  1. Ricky Chea says:

    What? Your mum call you Honey? Haha… I didn’t know that. I thought it is just a nick name you created on your own. eg: Ricky is just my nick name to make people remember me better. My Chinese name is hard to be remembered.

    By the way, your blog has some spams. eg: Harriett and Berniece are not real human being. They are spam created using software like Scrapebox. They just want to get a backlink from your website to help them to index their webpages or pass “link juice” to their websites.


    • honey hong says:

      Haha lol. Yeah my family call me that and my Chinese name. I made Honey official after so many had hard time pronouncing my Chinese name. Haha Yeap. I know they are spams. I just leave it there. πŸ™‚


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