Meeting random people.

Hey guys. It has been a while since my last post. Work has been totally crazy! Rather not comment much on that one.

Anyway, almost two months ago, I attended Nokia Java S40 Training at Plug & Play Technology at the The Gardens South Tower, organized by Nokia. The trainer, Andreas Jakl was pretty thorough regarding what Nokia S40 series phones have to offer and how we, as a developer could utilize the features to create awesome apps. πŸ™‚

Andreas & I

Andreas & I

From the training, I learned a lot and also managed to meet pretty nice people. I got to know Andreas and also Hansson, one of the participants from the training. So, Andreas invited us to go check out Batu Caves and KL Tower with him, and as a tourist myself (considering I’m not from KL), I decided to go and out with people that I have just known for 2 days? Pretty cool right?

Hansson & Hanny

Hansson & Hanny

There was when I met Hansson’s sister Hanny. Sounded like my name alright. πŸ™‚ Well, anyway, I had lots of fun, especially at Batu Caves. These are great nice people and we exchanged a lot of opinions and knowledge. Hope you guys are doing great and healthy right now. I shall visit Austria one day Andreas, when I have the chance. Well back to my KL adventure.

There at Batu Caves, I met another random person, Mr Hymeir. The guide that brought us in the Dark Cave. He is a very friendly man. He showed and described to us the interesting facts about caves and bats.Β  The view in the caves are amazing, and it’s not a view that you could see everyday in this city area. There was a moment where everyone was told to turn of their lights and all of us made no noise. It was total pitch black, and it was scary, as we couldn’t see anything at all, and we were accompanied by the sound from the bats. Felt like Batman in there. πŸ™‚

Mr Hymeir

Mr Hymeir

However, despite feeling totally cool about the idea of living the Batman fantasy, at that point, I was thinking, is that how all the blind people felt? Dying to see some lights and not to live in the dark and fear, because that was what I felt. I immersed into their shoes, and I could feel the pain and sadness about not being able to see, to look at the people you love, and to see beautiful scenery. But I guess, when you lose something so important, you’ll learn to see from the heart, and appreciate every small simple things in life.

At the same time as well, I was wondering if my eyes could adapt in the dark if I live in there for a long period, and then all the mutated human idea came to mind. Well, I guess I watched too much movies where the settings are in a cave. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you should check out The Descent 1 & 2 and also The Cave, and they all fall into Horror & Thriller category. πŸ™‚

Mr Hymeir and his family also own Earth Lodge Malaysia, and yeap Hymeir, I can’t wait to visit there one day. And I will make sure I get there! Need to find someone adventurous to go check out that place with me first. Anyway, you guys can check out Earth Lodge Malaysia if you guys are up for an adventure with the beautiful nature! πŸ™‚

In the nutshell, I enjoyed talking and meeting new people. It was great meeting all of you! – Andreas, Hansson, Hanny & Hymeir. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Meeting random people.

    • honey hong says:

      Zeebraman γ•γ‚“γ€‚γ“γ‚“γ«γ‘γ―γ€‚ε§‹γ‚γΎγ—γ¦γ€‚γ‚γŸγ—γ―γ€γƒγƒ‹γƒΌγ§γ™γ€‚γ΅γ‚‹γ•γ¨γ―γƒšγƒŠγ‚“γ§γ™γ€‚ γ©γ†γž γ‚ˆγ‚γ—γ γŠγ­γŒγ„γ—γΎγ™γ€‚γŠγ’γ‚“γγ§γ™γ‹γ€‚haha miss going jap class with u Mengster! πŸ™‚ especially the role playing at γƒ‡γƒ‘γƒΌγƒˆ!


      • zeebraman says:

        hahahaa…とても元気です!!Ahh… Sensei only remember I’m depaato.. not even remember my name, at least he remember this .. X.X


  1. honey hong says:

    Haha. Glad that you are doing fine. He remembers your name. He has very good memory. Its just that he labelled you as γƒ‡γƒ‘γƒΌγƒˆ πŸ™‚ I’m sure he enjoyed the role playing a lot that’s why he could remember it very well!


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