What kept me going?

Yesterday, a friend told me that I inspired her to get fit. Well, thank you, and glad I did that. Never thought that I will turn into a fitness freak myself. But what really kept me going? I love food & I love to eat. I have people around me that keep pinning me about my lifestyle etc. Well, I don’t let this people get into my head.

I have my very own policy; I eat, I have to burn it. Of course, you have to eat healthy meals and not too much of the fattening and sugary food, no skipping meals, and no supper. It is very important to take note of what you actually feed on. Before I step into fitness, I’m not aware of what I eat at all. All people really care about is appearance and weight because that is what visible to us. The saying “I’m so fat, I need to go on diet” became a daily habit. I was once that person, for many years. Then I realized that there are more to it than that. What that is IN your body is way more important. Body fat percentage, visceral fat, water, bone mass, muscle mass and etc and they are all that are not visible to us, hence most people are not aware of it. When you found out what’s in you, you will be surprised.  You may be thin & slim, but you may not be healthy. When I found out that I was obese in body fat, I freaked and it just hit me that I have to exercise and burn that fat in me! And ever since, I’ve been working out.

Along the way, I almost give up. But I didn’t. I told myself “Losing weight is a slow process. You just have to keep going”. Come to think of it, I’m proud of myself, that I could self-advise, kept going, be determined and disciplined to achieve my goal. The body fat drove the determination out of me. My sisters were afraid that I became too obsess in losing weight. Well, I wasn’t and they could see it after that. I eat and I work out, and I see result. I also picked up 2 lines from my friends throughout my working out journey that kept me going. “We are young. We can push ourselves to do more challenging stuff.” & “It only takes 20 minutes of your day to finish your 1000 skips.” So I thought to myself, “Yeah. It’s true. It’s only 20 minutes of my day. Better spend the time to exercise than snacking on chips!”

I did 1000 skipping a day for 6 days a week (100 per set for 10 times) to reduce my body fat. I have a personal goal at that time which is to prove to people around me that I don’t have to spend money to go to the gym to lose weight, get healthy and to fit into a pencil skirt that I’ve always wanted to wear for ages! Managed to reduce my body fat from 30.1% to 18.7%, lose a healthy 5 kg in 2 months, & you don’t have to skip meals at all. It takes, exercise + cutting down food portion + healthy snacks. I was once 65kg and my weight went as low as 56kg. And I did got myself a pencil skirt after that! I proved to myself and to the people around me, that I can look good and healthy with a simple 5 bucks skipping rope from Daiso! So why skipping? The power of Google. I found the advantages of rope skipping and decided to do it! How I look right now is a hard earn result. So I don’t let people who don’t understand it to let me down or get into my head. My workout goal, is to be healthy and fit. Having a great body is an incentive & bonus that comes with it. I’m killing 2 birds with 1 stone. So tell me, why not?

Now that I’ve proven what I wanted to prove,  I hit the gym 3-4 times a week, to maintain my health, my appearance and to tone up. Body Combat, Zumba, Body Pump, running,  2000 rope skipping (200 per set for 10 times), push ups, crunches, squats, lunges, TRX, and chin up to tone myself after the cardio. You can do all the tone up exercises even at home without spending the money to go to the gym. Gym is now convenient for me as it is just right beside my work place, so I have no reason to miss workouts. Personally, working out using your own body weights, are far better than the machines. Those cross fit exercises really boost your stamina and strength.

Oh another reason that kept me going, working out can really be a platform to distress, forget about all your worries, and release your anger. For me it is. When I am working out, I could not think of anything else but my routine. It’s mind blank, takes my mind off stuff. Punch all the anger out in Body Combat class. Being able to do challenging stuff, and see the improvement in myself, made me feel great and happy. People say that I’m “torturing” myself in gym. Well, no pain, no gain! I find that “torturing” myself in the gym is a form of challenge and also a way for me to distress and tough up. I channel it all by focusing on performing those challenges, and I find it cool to be able to do the workouts well. I met a lot of awesome cool people in the gym. I love meeting new people; new faces. I find it fresh and relaxing.

I never see myself as a person that would love working out so much, but I’m in love with it. It’s a huge part of my life now. I love the fact that I can lift weights, feel good, and I want to be able to do push ups as good as a guy. Yeah you can say that I wanna play tough chick! Those who wants to achieve your very own goal, don’t give up and keep going. My uncle once told me, “You started working out, you are already halfway there.”

We can be soft.

We can be soft.

& We can be tough!
& hot. :)

& hot. 🙂


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