Perspectives About Me That Are Wrong!

I had a chat with a friend just recently, and he told me, that my appearance and personality may be intimidating to most guys out there. First of all, yeah I’m tall, a little too tall for a Malaysian girl. I learned to embrace my height and I love it! Well, I can’t chop off my legs, so deal with it! There are many more girls that are way taller than me. 🙂

I’m independent? Well, there is nothing wrong being a tough independent women. I mean, everyone should be able to take care of themselves & be independent. So guys are intimidated by that? Hmmm. Tough and independent is way better than the irritating Gyiwomi/Kiyomi chicks! *Roll eyes 360 degrees*. Urgh!

Well, let’s get to the point. I received some feedback on their first impression of me from my friends before this and just recently, the same comments resurfaced. There are a few repetitive ones.

Lucky Number ONE. My age! Yeah I know. I don’t look like I’m 24. I look older than that. Wait wait wait! CORRECTION! I look more MATURE than that. Well, I kinda embraced that too. Many years from now, I will still look like the way I am now.  And then, you will tell me that I look younger than my age.  🙂

Next! Number TWO! I go clubbing often. *Buzzer sound*. Truth is, I’ve never been clubbing yet so far.  I don’t even drink much. But I’ve been to a friend’s family pub and hung out there with my lovely girlfriends, seen a Club but I’ve never club, club. Get what I’m saying?

THREE! I had a lot of boyfriend before this. *Moving my index finger to the left and right* – Nope. Only had ONE before this. You don’t wanna be playing with feelings.

I love to talk. I talk a lot! I like making new friends, and I can easily make one. It’s not a crime to be independent, outgoing, outspoken and friendly. I don’t really know why people perceive me that way, not once but a few times. But anyway, point is, don’t judge a book by its cover. You will get to know me better once you get to know me. *Snap, point and wink* 😉


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