Feel The Real Skin, Not Screen.

I was on my way home from work, and Stevie Wonder’s Because I Love You was airing on the radio.

I got your letter from the postman just the other day
So I decided to write you this song
Just to let you know exactly the way i feel
To let you know my love is for real…

I’m not getting at lovey dovey romantic talk here. The highlight here is the very first line, “I got your letter from the postman just the other day”. Do you remember the last time you receive a letter from a postman or from a friend? Yeah, we all receive stuff that we bought from Groupon, or bills & newsletters from our mail. I meant, a real hand written letters. Do you even have any before this?

The line from the song, brought me into deep thoughts and obviously, led to this very blog entry. I still have all the letters that my friends sent me back in primary school. Those letters are the pieces of memory that I have back in primary school. How I miss the classic ways of how people communicate. The anxious and exciting feeling of who the letter might be from, what are the contents of the letter, feeling the paper on your hands, admiring the hand writing of the sender, and the eager feeling of writing back, getting a stamp and mail it back. I don’t deny that technology plays a huge role in our life, but we are all lacking of real human interaction in life.

From land lines to mobile phones to Facebook.
From hand-written letters to e-greetings card to Facebook Wall post.
From real birthday gift to Facebook gift.
From classic photo taking to digital photos to Facebook Photo Tagging.

We are all communicating with each other from screens & keyboards. Technology is definitely a bridge to bring people far from you closer, but it is also a barrier that makes people close to you farther. There are people who get so comfortable communicating through their fingers and screens, that they no longer know how to initiate the talking with someone in real life. I have a friend that once told me, that he feels much confident talking to another person online rather than in real life. I’m sure we all have the awkward moment when there is total silence, as you are out of topic to talk about with the other, as he/she that you are talking to, does not know how to initiate other topics; vice versa, and hence, just a one word “Yeap”, “Nope”, “Oh I see”, “Okay”, ” πŸ™‚ ” reply, or perhaps the other or you are just not interested to continue the conversation.

Children, as young as 3 years old these days are fed with gadgets to keep them quiet or occupied. They are taught to be anti-social or in another words “tech savvy” at a young age and it is very unhealthy for them, as they will grow up to be dependent on gadgets and are not aware of their surroundings. Indirectly parents are raising robot child. Children should be learning to communicate with others; play imaginative games and not spending their time on gadgets. With applications like Google Hangout, Skype, FaceTime, etc. soon, in many years to come, people might not even talk or meet each other in real life anymore. People are already talking online, soon they will all meet over Wi-Fi!

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that, we are all homo sapiens, and as much as we are dependent on technology in this era, we need real human interaction. We need to learn how to socialize/communicate as it is a crucial element in our life; in friendship, family, career, relationship, etc. Life is not just about screen; life is not just about Facebook. Get out and have coffee with friends; talk to real people and communicate. Feel the real skin, not screen.


2 thoughts on “Feel The Real Skin, Not Screen.

  1. Andreas Jakl says:

    That reminds me – I did write letters / postcards with a friend until recently, and it’s my turn again πŸ™‚ So I better get writing!

    Really – Facebook brithday gifts? Never heard of that. What’s the sense in those? But for the photo taking, I would argue that there isn’t really a disadvantage of Facebook photo tagging compared to the other options, when considering the social effect…

    As to the rest of your arguments – I fully agree on them! It’s a bit challenging to meet you in real life, though πŸ™‚


    • honey hong says:

      Hey Andreas! Well then, u better start writing. Probably it will make the person’s day for getting your letter or postcard.

      Facebook photo tagging is handy definitely. What I meant is that, people stopped printing their pictures and keep it in a photo album. Sometimes, it’s just nice to keep it in an album and we can view it on our hands.

      It’s like virtual gift. If it’s your friend’s birthday, there is an option where you can “send gift” but I haven’t check it out myself. Don’t think I ever will. πŸ™‚

      Glad that u agree on the rest of the points. Yeap, u and I are so far away. Which is why, WordPress and Facebook bring us closer πŸ™‚ technology bring those who are far apart closer remember? πŸ™‚


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