GDG DevFest Kuala Lumpur 2013

Well, this was the very first Google DevFest I’ve been to as I’m only in Mobile Development for about a year and a half. The talk was okay for me. It was rather hard to capture my attention though. No doubt, the speakers are well experienced in this field. The workshop started with an interesting keynote from Sebastian Trzcinski-Clément, the Senior Program Manager of Google. Everyone was amazed by the quick demo of the implementation of voice recognition for Google Search. Then, followed by the introduction to Android Studio by Kevin Tan Hong Ann. I have not really explored Android Studio yet, so one of these days I really need to get my hands on it.

Next topic was covered by Corey Scott. He talked about testing and deployment in Android. He did a great talk about how he did it for his apps. However, personally, I expected the talk to be more of the efficient ways of testing in the Android platform, as there are many Android devices and it is such a pain! Yap Wen Jiun gave a talk on Arduino, something interesting for me as I’ve never heard about it or know about it until now. It’s pretty cool that you can control a mechanical device with your Android phone. Last but not least, a topic on Android Design by Taylor Ling. The last topic was more on the preparation of designing an Android App. From wireframe to storyboard and managing the flow of it. It was a beneficial topic. I was hoping they would touch on the design guidelines in Android though, as in how we could work efficiently when it comes to designing or adjusting the layouts for so many Android devices out there.

Aside from the talk, I managed to meet up with my university friends and catch up with them. I met Yu Jin, Woon Chee & Siva. Funny how we actually ended up in the same field when we were no where near mobile applications back in university. Highlight of the day? I happened to sit beside a super tall guy after lunch break, and his name is Eyad. After like 15 to 20 minutes of sitting next to each other, we started talking. A very friendly and nice man indeed. Just like everyone else who was amazed by his remarkable height, photo session was a must! He did not have a full photo of him, and so, yeah, we gave him a few. 🙂 Overall, even though the talk wasn’t how I expected it to be, I enjoyed the Sunday with my friends & colleagues.

Mini UMSKAL Reunion

Mini UMSKAL Reunion

The super tall Eyad, my colleagues & I

The super tall Eyad, my colleagues & I


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