Say “F*** It!” With Style!

Happy New Year world! Day 1 of 2014 is half gone, 364 days left to an adventurous year. Time really do flies! Despite the stress faced at work, which I totally couldn’t run from, my 2013 had been a rather interesting year. I’ve met so many great people and made new friends throughout last year. People from gym; My partner in crime Kim, Sammy, Regina, Jimmy, Jin, Susan, Kenny, Benjamin, Lydia, Jason, Evan, Ron, Eddie, FiFi, Patrick, Siti, Azie, Lina, Ivan, Jack, Jo and many more. Pretty much made my own community there at the gym, according to my aunt. I made a couple of foreign friends as well, Andre, Hugo, Eyad and Steve. These awesome guys exposed me to another world that I’ve never been in.

I gotta say, life’s interesting despite the ups and downs; tears and laughters. Because that is what made life. Those are spices of life that made our life worth living every single breath we take in this beautiful world. I spent the end of 2013 listening to people’s life story and randomly watch what people do. I know people who is undergoing a difficult time separating from a loved one, heart break that will take a long time to heal. I see years of friendship between two individuals collapsed. I know a few couples who went through bad arguments and did what it takes to mend the relationship. I myself lead a dramatic life, and in 2014, I intend to make it more dramatic; full of spices. Salt, sugar, pepper, Oh yeah!

Often we forget that life is short. Often we let people put us down with their words and actions. Often we let negative thoughts cloud our mind. My reflection in the mirror decided my new year resolutions for me. I used to be a sensitive and sometimes negative person. I used to put myself down a lot. But when I looked into the mirror just the other day, I no longer put myself down. Instead I became more positive than I ever was. I took whatever down times and mistakes that I did as experience and learned from it. I know my value and my own good qualities. At that point, I knew I am a different person now. A more positive, down to earth and mature person. In my 2014, I wanna be more positive and be a better person in life.

If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, to hell with it! I can use a lot of “F” words in my following sentences, but I’ll leave that to you to fill it in. 🙂 You are who you are, a beautiful and good person in your own ways. Everyone has flaws. You can’t expect everyone to like you. So if they don’t, then you know what to say. 🙂  Never let anyone put you down or make you unhappy because you get to choose how you wanna feel. Never let anyone treat you like you like you are a nobody.

I’m a thinker and I know that. “You think too much!” &  “You need to relax!”  I get that feedback often from my family, friends and colleagues. But yeah, I learned to deal with it now. Life is too short to be bothered by stress and over worried about things. This year, I’m gonna take crazy chances, be adventurous and live my life like there’s no tomorrow and no regrets. I’m gonna create myself an awesome life experience.

I ended my 2013 by watching fireworks with Fireworks! It’s my company’s name by the way, and I enjoyed my New Year Eve with my colleagues despite being tired from the lack of sleep. I started my 2014 with 2 hours of body combat with my gym buddies at Celebrity Fitness, MidValley. It was a special event. I punched all my anger and stress out that I had in that studio, and told myself, I’m leaving all the f***ed up stuff in 2013 behind. That’s all it took. Full force of punches and kicks. You know, I wish I have a punching bag. That would be such a great way for me to distress! School mates actually got me a kid version’s punching balloon for my birthday many years ago. The kind that bounce back, like the one Kung Fu Panda, Po used in the beginning of his training. Hey, a Muay Thai instructor once asked me if I actually trained before in a Muay Thai trial class. So, don’t play with my punches :).  Being a workout-holic, needless to say, staying fit and getting into better shape is definitely one of my new year resolutions. There are more resolutions that I have for this year, but I’m not going into detail about it.

So, let’s say “F*** It!” with style, to all the bad, sad and down times we all had in 2013, cherish the sweet, happy and memorable times in 2013 & create ourselves a life full of spices in 2014! May you and I are always be blessed with good health, happiness and love, do great in our career and be a better person in life. Happy New Year!

Lighted Up Trees on New Year Eve at Desa Park City

Lighted Up Trees on New Year Eve at Desa Park City


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