Another person who is close to me will soon leave, again. The trigger to this entry. Friends, colleagues, the ones that I love. They are the people that walked into my life, people that matters to me.

You know how much they mean to you when you miss them, shed tears and heart quenched. You know how much you mean to them when they shed tears for you, or almost 🙂 , appreciate you and love you for who you are.

In these few months, I’ve met, spent time and made few good friends and colleagues. I cherished the moments that I had with them. In life, there are many “Hi”s and “Bye”s. It saddens me that there had been many goodbyes these few months and I will be saying another goodbye soon. As much as you want them close, sometimes we gotta let them go, for what’s better for them, for their happiness, a better future, and be successful in life.

The beauty of friendship is that it lasts forever. No matter how far the distance may be, good friends would find their way to keep in touch with you. So don’t be sad over the good byes. Everyone comes into our life for a reason. Be happy that fate brought us to meet, get to know each other, and for the great memorable times that you had together.


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