Viper Challenge 2014

Been trying to write this post since November last year but didn’t manage to find the time. Viper Challenge! The experience was amazing. It was definitely a physical and mental challenge. 20 km run with 20 obstacles! Imagine that! For a person who doesn’t really fancy running like me, I considered this as a huge achievement. Went for badminton on Friday night. I had only 2 hours of sleep, fed on McDonalds at 3am on Saturday morning as breakfast and arrived there at Sepang International Circuit as early as 4am with my sister Judy, gym mate Kim and high school mate Ji-An as we chose the earliest slot for the run which was 6am. The team were left with 4 person as another 4 couldn’t make it.

I remembered running in the dark, soaked with water and mud, with shoes filled with sand, the soreness of the muscles when you tried to walk after running a long distance, and so much more. You gotta experience it to know it. It took us 5 and half hours to reach the finishing line. We sticked together along the way and helped each other out to complete the run and obstacles. Some of us cried out of overcoming their fear for height and being able to complete difficult challenges. Along the way, we met a team of 3 guys, Eugene, Seng Kiat & Chee Hong, who helped us through some tough challenges. Coincidentally, they were also being bailed by 4 person in their team. We somehow formed our group of 7 impromptu, completed the tough journey together as a team and most importantly, we’ve made new friends. 🙂

We are all Viper Challenge 2014 Finisher!!

We are all Viper Challenge 2014 Finisher!!

The aftermath of the run? Got myself some bruises on my wrist and knees. Slept for 14 hours straight that Saturday, vomited my dinner the next day due to indigestion as I had gastric along the run, couldn’t sleep due to my bloated stomach full of gas and took a jab for that at 4am in the morning, absent from work that day itself, couldn’t sleep until 6pm and…I had to feed on porridge for almost a week. Needless to say, no gym for that one week. I have a very sensitive stomach and bad gastric problem by the way. Hence, the misery. Well, there are a few Viper Challenge events coming up but I’m giving it all a skip and saving my energy for the one in November. Gotta find a way to solve the gastric issue by then.

Anyway, the organizer came out with the official video for 2014. This video totally summarized it all. Although there are few missing obstacles. These are what we’ve went through and I’m definitely going again!


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