You know how people say, you will never know what lies ahead of you but you just gotta take that leap of faith and go through with it and see where it takes you? Well, I did just that and it took me into a pretty surprisingly joyful yet a little tumbling ride in life. I took a huge leap of faith and decided to change my job to explore new opportunities and experiences. Little did I know, I met someone on top of a pretty fresh challenging job I have right now.

I meet so many great new people. Some of them left and some of them still are my colleagues. It was just a daily go-to-work, coding and meeting routines, until life gets a little spiced up unexpectedly. Now that I think of it, it’s funny how things turned out to be. Things happened when you least expected it.

It all started with a misunderstanding after a night out with colleagues, which then led me in discovering what lies within this shy and quiet guy who insisted to fetch me home that night when I had a gastric attack. It went uphill, downhill and eventually, he is now my current 7 months boyfriend. 🙂 We’re two pretty different individuals, our personalities; hobbies. But we share common opinions on things and I guess we pretty much work things out from there.

Honesty, comfort & straight forwardness are the foundation of this relationship that we are having. It is too soon to call it love, but we care and trust for each other. He is there for me when I needed someone, takes care of me when I am sick, always accompany me to places that I wanna go, support me with things that I wanna do, entertain my unreasonable PMS moments, took the initiative to make me happy when I am upset and so much more. I’m not sure how this relationship will turn out to be, but as of now, we are definitely happy to have each other. We’re enjoying this relationship as we go, and look forward to many more month-saries and hopefully anniversaries to come.

Chon Hooi & I

Chon Hooi & I


2 thoughts on “Him.

  1. Kin Meng says:

    Hey, honey, mind if I leave a comment here? Ah, there’s no authentication for the comment right, so anyone can leave a comment for you.Just passing by to say hello


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