Lumut & Pangkor Island, Perak

12 Dec 2014

Here are more of the little travel adventure of mine, starting with states within Malaysia. I’ve always wanted to travel not only in Malaysia, but there are always reasons and excuses that I came up with and ended up not going anywhere. Well, here I am, trying to make it happen.I’ve hit Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands in Pahang, besides Penang my home town and KL, where I am residing. I’m still saving up money to go further but next in line was, Pangkor Island in Perak, Malaysia.

Teluk Batik Beach, Lumut

Teluk Batik Beach, Lumut

It was a 3 days 2 nights last minute, free-and-easy trip. I travelled here with my boyfriend and we spent our first day in Lumut and the 2nd day in Pangkor Island. We didn’t stay in the island as the resorts were expensive. Hence we spent 2 nights in Lumut instead as a budgetary trip was what we opted for. We arrived Lumut during lunch time, and our first lunch stop was at Amu Coconut Villa Seafood Restaurant, Sitiawan, Perak. The food there was pretty delicious. We didn’t order much as there were only two of us, so we settled for 2-3 dishes. We stayed at The Orient Star Resort, Lumut for a very affordable and reasonable price. Overall, the room and hotel is maintained in a good condition, I would not say it is a superb state, but it is good enough for a stay. It is a walking distance to the jetty, and there are restaurants nearby. Definitely convenient for travellers.

There’s not much places to visit in Lumut. We googled around and decided to head to Taman Paya Bakau, the Mangroves Parks there is not much to see in Lumut. After that, we went to Teluk Batik Beach to watch the sunset. Been longing to be around the sea after spending so much time surrounded by sky scrappers in KL! The place was pretty happening with the locals around. We then adjourned to Jook Joint Bistro for dinner, which was located near the hotel area. There were two Jook Joint Bistro and we mistakenly sat down at the bar than the restaurant itself. We waited for half an hour for the food to arrive, as there were too many people in the restaurant. On top of that, they had to bring the food all the way from the restaurant which was a couple of shop houses away. The restaurant was definitely more happening than the bar which was a total gloomy ambience. Regardless, the Western food were pretty good.

13 Dec 2014

Pulau Pangkor, Perak

Pulau Pangkor, Perak

We started our second day with breakfast at the hotel. Food! The only thing that is in my mind 24/7! The food was alright, although there wasn’t much options to choose from. We walked to Lumut Jetty and hopped on the next ferry to Pangkor Island. We’ve contacted Uncle Lim from Pangkor Holiday House to take us out for a boat trip, and if you ever want to head out to the sea, he is the man! He took us out on a boat trip for approximately 3 hours, and he charged us about RM100 per pax which was pretty affordable considering the amount of time he spent on us and the activities we could do. I had my first fishing experience on sea, and the first thing I caught was a squid! Unfortunately for us, there wasn’t any luck in getting big fishes or squids, but we managed to have some fresh sashimi! Yummy! He also showed us how to collect fresh oysters. Of course, we had them fresh. Not to forget, the creepy crawlies sharp sea urchin. We felt it moved on our palms and we had the egg. The only non pokey part that is edible. We wrapped up our fishing trip with water sport and needless to say, it was definitely a cool experience. We took the 2 squids that the uncle and I caught to the seafood restaurant, and my boyfriend and I had it as our lunch, Kam Heong Squid, before heading back to Lumut.

14 Dec 2014

We unintentionally slept 14 hours after the trip back from Pangkor Island. 14 freaking hours! We skipped yesterday’s dinner and breakfast. We tried waking up for dinner but failed terribly. Well, for some of you it may be a waste of time, but this trip is meant for relaxation, and hence getting a good sleep isn’t so bad. 🙂

Overall, I had a great time out in the sea, despite the sun burn afterwards.

More shots taken with my iPhone 5 here; some with default iPhone filters.


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