Finding Dory

Decided to find Dory on my own today and it turned my rather blue Friday to a happy and grateful one. The movie Finding Dory is a great reminder of how life’s unpredictable and that’s why it’s beautiful. The ups and downs of it, and we just have to keep on swimming.

I’ve always thought to myself, that the one thing I never want for myself is memory loss; just like Little Dory, for not being able to remember my family and friends, all the sweet and bitter memories I had with them. I felt frustrated for that little blue animated fish!

So, random as it is, I just want to say that I cherish and love each and every one of you even though we might be close or not really; my family, friends, colleagues, gym buddies, salsa mates, everyone I befriended; I truly am grateful to have all of you, who really spiced up and bring joy to my life. Love you guys! ❀️

P/S : If you haven’t catch the movie, make sure you do!


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