What’s up for 2017?

More like, what’s down for 2017?? My first achievement of 2017…goes all the way down south!!

Yeap, you heard me right. Most women are shy to talk about it and prolly find it gross and too private to talk about, but we’re all adults (I know I am, not sure if you are!) *Clear throat* *Whisper* I’ve successfully put in my first freaking tampon! *Bow left*Bow right* It’s in my bucket list and it felt as though I’ve earned myself a gold medal. No kidding! Most women are terrified of it, myself included. The thought of sticking something IN there (you know what I mean) is scary and disgustingly weird! Oh-kay…awkward moment. Now you go ahead and do that face palm gesture. 🙂 I actually did some research on how-to instructions by watching youtube videos, read a little on precaution measures and risks (yes, there are risks, so it’s not something to be taken lightly) before attempting it. Oh, what would I do without Google?

Anyway, besides being 2 freaking 8 this year, speaking of bucket list, I’ve added a couple of new things in my bucket & travel list, and I just couldn’t wait to execute them! To be honest, I have a relationship that didn’t work out a year ago to thank for. I started fully utilising my Google Calendar and fill them daily square boxes with things that I want to do, strike off a few things of my bucket list, meet new people, and went head on trying new things to take my mind of the heart break rather than getting into an emotional dive. Ever since, my life became much more happening, lively & exciting and I intend to keep it that way from then onwards until the day I turn into ashes. “Life is short and we only live once!” So, I don’t wanna be painting a few dull brush strokes on my canvas but one that is full of beautiful drawings with vibrant colours! So, have you guys come up with your goals and resolutions for this year yet? If you haven’t, do it!

On top of that, I also came up with a few new pages; Review & Portfolio. You’d probably be wondering why there’s a review page. Well, I have plans to get into review writing. Thought it’d might be something new to try doing this year. As for my work portfolio, I have a separate blog for that but in case I want to merge it with this blog sometime in the future, it’s readily accessible here. You can now access them at the main menu above! Feel free to browse around and drop me a comment if you like! 🙂


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