What’s next? Love?

Few days ago, I’ve gotten myself a partially torn ligament, torn muscles and sprained ankle while doing a light jog in dragon boat land drill (boot camp style workout). Depending on my recovery rate, I have to give myself a good 6-8 weeks break. I have no choice but to put all my adrenaline rush activities on hold; dancing, gym and dragon boat trainings as I couldn’t walk without crutches now. It’s almost like the universe is telling me to slow down and stop.

Boredom and dreadfulness are definitely going to sink in in the coming days, but I’ll figure something out and make the best out of my recuperating days until I literally get back up on my feet! For a start, here I am writing, playing with my camera, making good use of my time figuring out alternative workouts that I can do, how I’m going to spend my following weeks – how do I commute to work especially amongst other things that I’ve been wanting to do and can do.

What pissed me off though, I went for land drill the other day, all full of excitement to pick up my very own paddle and floating device with my name embedded on it, looking forward so so so much to use it for the first time on lake training yesterday but all those excitement disappeared the minute I heard that loud crack from my ankle. When my team mates told me that they heard it too, I knew it then I must have torn something.

Furthermore, I’ve got trips planned and they are a month plus away. I wanted to try scuba diving in Tioman Island, visit Kundasang in Sabah, try their salsa scene and river rafting as well. On top of that, there’s also a dragon boat race (my first race) coming up at Langkawi in July, and that requires more trainings prior before that. Considering now that I can’t go full speed ahead, abruptly, ALL of that are temporarily crushed now. Roll eyes. 


Despite all that, this is when I’m being reminded that I’m being surrounded by loving and caring souls. I’d like to express my gratitude to my family & friends for the calls, messages and for being there. Really appreciate all of it. I’m truly happy and blessed to have all of you! Much love for you guys! xoxo

So, universe. Now that you cancelled all my activities and plans, I have the time to sit and listen. What are you trying to tell me? And you suck as a personal assistant by the way. What’s next?

I’m pretty happy with my career and job as of this point. One of these days though, I need to spend some time to dig in deeper about my career path.

Life after work; no doubt has been really happening. Besides dancing, and working out in the gym, I’ve gotten myself into dragon boating for almost 2 months now and will be graduating from the beginner’s course end of this month! Paddling with the KL Barbarians is really fun and tiring at the same time, as we train 3-4 times a week; Land, pool and lake drills. A lot of eating too with my team mates who are of course, crazily AWESOME!


KL Barbarians

Personal skills; I’ve also been trying to drill myself more in photography and editing but am always exhausted from my physical activities. Now I have the time to play around with my camera and stick my eye balls onto my laptop screen to explore photo editing even though I dislike the idea of staring at screens after work. Need to figure out how to take my sister’s engagement photos as well. Ah damn!

Relationship; I’m at the age where people around will start bombarding questions like “When are you getting married?” “Why are you still single?” My click of friends are all getting hitched. Our conversations evolved from home works, tuitions, co-curricular activities to career, relationships, bachelorette party and weddings. Oh how much we’ve all grown!

Am I socially or peer pressured? Well…not really. It may have crossed my mind but I’ve never really given it much thought. Instead, I embraced the perks of being single while I still am. I’ve been roaming like a free bird making new friends, doing new things that never would have thought of, being more adventurous in my bucket list and enjoying all the activities that I got myself into besides getting myself more injuries (this – NO FUN!).

I guess, finding love would be a great addition at this point. The fear of getting hurt and have courage to love again however, haunt me sometimes. You see, finding the right person isn’t easy, let alone finding love that reciprocates.

There’s no way you can force love anyway. Might as well, let the universe runs its course. Live your life with an open mind and heart. If things don’t work out for you, it simply means that something better is waiting for you, at least that’s what I’d like to believe. I supposed when the time is right, love finds you. When it does, be ready for it.


So to those who are still single, don’t fret! Go out, start living and have a little faith (trying to convince myself here too)! Some of us who are luckier, they’ve found each other in ways you could never have imagined. I’ll be featuring some of those real life love stories in one of my upcoming posts so stay tuned!


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