BeatActive : The EDM Audio Workout Experience

Time passes so fast and it’s Marvellous March now! I hope everyone had an Egg-citing 2017 so far! The last festive season we had was Chinese New Year back in February, and as usual, we eat, eat and… during the festive season. 🙂 Despite being a fitness enthusiast, I’m the type that can get carried away with food sometimes, especially home cooked meals and street food! Yes, no kidding, I can be a monstrous eater but after loading my stomach with all the big feast at home, I’d still keep a balance of eating and exercising.

Speaking from experience, I always believe that you don’t need the gym or heavy weights to be fit. All you need, is a pair of sport shoes, determination and motivation. That work well with me to date. You can work out anywhere be it at home or at the park with just your body weight. Many that I’ve spoken to, either friends who came up to me and asked for information when they wanna get into fitness or sign up for a gym membership, even people I’ve met from the gym, they often came up with these similar lines.

I doubt that I will be making good use of the money if I pay hundreds for a gym membership cause’ I’m not sure if I will hit the gym much.

Lost the mood to hit the gym after being stuck in the long traffic after work and ended up heading home instead (sometimes that happens to me).

I cant workout on my own cause’ I need someone to push and workout with me.

Working out at home is impossible cause’ when I get home all I want to do is eat and rest.

Let’s face it, sometimes when you spend time waiting for others to join you to do the things you love or want to do, you get nothing done. So, I trained myself to workout on my own because I am working out for none other than myself. My own health, physique, confidence and feeling awesome; all in one package! Don’t get me wrong though. It’s totally a plus if you have friends to workout with. I do have a few workout buddies that I workout with occasionally who take their workouts seriously, and we’d motivate each other and push ourselves even harder.

Well, what if I tell you that you could have effective workouts and get fit with someone to push you provided you have the drive and motivation to be discipline, and…on top of that, you don’t have to pay hundreds monthly for a gym membership?

Meet, BeatActive; The EDM Audio Workout Experience. BeatActive offers a variety of workouts that you can choose from –

SOMA – Full Body Workouts

KARDIA – Running Workouts

NUCLEO – Core Focused Workouts

PYRO – 7 Minutes Workouts

MAVERICK – Mix It Up Workouts

The core feature that I love most is the voice command that tells you what are the next exercises to be done. It’s like bringing a personal trainer into your ears! It allows me to workout seamlessly with my bluetooth earphones without me having to glance at my phone to know what the next exercise is, as clear countdowns and instructions are being provided accompanied with EDM music on the background that keeps you pumping when exercise routines are being performed. How convenient! There is also a MUSIC ONLY category if you just want to listen to BeatActive tracks during your workout session.

I personally tried SOMA’s Transcend – Full Body Workout at home. It was an effective half an hour workout and I definitely felt sore the next day after all those body weight exercises – reverse lunges, push ups, jump squats and a few other exercises and I felt great! There are variations of workouts to choose from, so it’s not boring and the length of each exercise and intervals in between differ as well. Some of those short intervals are the ones that got me out of breath!

You may have noticed that I stressed on the word provided earlier because at the end of the day, it’s very much depending on how hard you work and push yourself through the limits during those 30-60 seconds exercises and of course how discipline you are in completing the workout for you to benefit from it.

In a nutshell, as a fitness enthusiast and a mobile app developer, I’d say it’s definitely a fitness app worth having and using! If you have not heard of BeatActive or have not tried it, look it up at the App Store (currently available in iOS only), download it and start exercising!

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Ivory White Bridal


That’s right. That’s me in a wedding dress! The fact that my sister is the one who will tie the knot soon, but it was me who put on a wedding dress is oddly confusing. Oh well, last I checked, I’m still waiting for Mr Right to sweep me off my feet.

What happened was, an unknown lady (now no longer a stranger) dropped me a Facebook message one day inviting me over to check out their newly launched bridal studio, try on their wedding dresses hoping that I could write them a blog post…and I said yes! So here I am…typing… Sorry to disappoint guys, still no ring on my finger! 🙂

The real bride-to-be, my sister tagged along with me. Note to all ladies out there, if you are going to try out bridal gowns, do remember to wear decent looking underwear! Getting half naked in front of a stranger and your sister do take a couple of minutes to get used to. I tried on about 5 dresses and it’s pretty tiring I must say hopping in and out of them.

Ivory White Bridal was launched officially on the 22nd of January this year by this loving married couple, Mio/Mel and Jason. Well, Jason had been in the wedding photography industry for 4 years and counting and is more widely known to their clients as MJK Photography, and make ups are being done by Mel herself. Now, they provide bridal gown rental as well! Those beautiful dresses are being imported from Italy and mostly Taiwan. Ivory White Bridal has about 80 dresses in their studio currently.

A bridal gown rental costs RM988 per dress for a duration of 5 days from the day of collection to return. If you are interested to purchase a bridal gown, it costs roughly from RM2.8K – RM4.8K (averagely RM2.5K – RM3.5K).

It was definitely a pleasure to meet Mel and Jason that day. They are warm, friendly and nice. My sister and I had a good time experiencing our first wedding dresses try-outs. My personal preference would be the the mermaid tail dresses cause’ I like it a little body hugging, simple yet elegant. Shorter tail would be better for moving around, but my days to worry about all these wedding stuff is nowhere near around the corner for sure! 🙂

You can view some of the shots taken and information to both Ivory White Bridal and MJK Photography are right below.

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Ivory White Bridal
Official Website:

L’iddylle makeup studio

MJK Photography
Official Website:

F-3-8, Pusat Komersial Jalan Kuching,
51300 Kuala Lumpur.


Getting there might be a little tricky, use Magna Prima Boulevard Business Park as your landmark. Turn right right after this building (the entrance before Toyota showroom), go straight to the end, ignore the no entry sign, turn left to the back alley of block G, go straight to the end and turn right.

Jam & Kaya CafĂŠ

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My friend Nazrin suggested that I should start blogging on my food steps journey instead of just posting it on Facebook & Instagram. So here I am, typing away my second post on one of the things that gave me joy in life; food! I’m not sure how long I can keep this food entries up, especially when I don’t really have the time to blog much, but I’ll give it a try. I have hundreds of food photos that you can take a peek at in my Food Steps album. For some reason, I could not help myself but to take well presented food photos before I dine in like monster. It’s a way for me to track where I’ve been dining and what had actually went into my stomach.

Been meaning to check this cafĂŠ out for quite some time ever since I saw drooling photos of the pancakes posted by my friends in Instagram. Jam & Kaya Cafe is located in PJ Palms Sports Centre which is at the opposite of Amcorp Mall. Love the cozy ambience! If you are looking for a place to dine in for a group catchup, date or a cup of coffee, consider this place. Staff are friendly as well. Tried their signature Jam & Kaya Pancake and Jam & Kaya Kampung Breakfast is pretty special as well. Totally recommend those! Price of the food range averagely from RM10+ to RM20+ which is a typical cafĂŠ price, and it is quite reasonable for the portion that you’re getting. You can view the photos that I’ve taken and the price of the particular food that ended up in my tummy above. I’ll definitely pay this place a visit again.

Check out my recommendation & photos on Jam & Kaya CafÊ @ Seeties

*All photos are taken by honeyhong with Sony A6000, edited by iPhone5.

Strangers at 47

I got myself a new camera but didn’t fully utilize it. Now I will! I’ve always wanted to checkout Strangers at 47 @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya but didn’t have a reason to. Then I think again, why do I need one? YOLO all the way for 2016! I finally went with 2 of my colleagues and purposely took my Sony A6000 out for a date!

Light Bulb – photo taken by honeyhong with Sony A6000

So here’s my first blog post about my food steps! I managed to grab a couple of nice photos. I love the ambience, love the staff and definitely love the crepe. A chicken lover like me ordered myself A Hen’s Crush.

A Hen’s Crush – photo taken by honeyhong with Sony A6000

It was really delicious and “chicky”. Initially I thought it would be weird having it with crepe but I was wrong. The price of the crepes ranged from RM17 – RM20+. It was totally worth the price and the portion. The sweet crepe we ordered called the Dark Side is delicious as well.

Dark Side – photo taken by honeyhong with Sony A6000

Love the place and I will definitely go back there again! And if you haven’t visit the place, make sure you do!

Check out my recommendation & photos on Strangers at 47 @ Seeties