Hello 2017!

Waved goodbyeeee to 2016 and heeeelllllooooo 2017! Happy New Year everyone! Before I take a dive into my last four months of 2016, here’s my standard new year wish; May all of you be blessed with great health, happiness and an awesome 2017! It’s already a week since new year, can you believe it?! Time passes so fast and new year felt like yesterday. Next thing you know it’s gonna be 2020! I wonder what lies ahead for me this year? Hmm…whatever it is, I hope 2017 will be even more happening, surprising and interesting. This year, I decided to start the year by giving a little donation to children in need. It’s not much but I figured it’s a nice thing to do.

The last four months of my 2016 was pretty tiring yet happening. I’ve written about my 2/3 of my 2016 in my previous post. You can read it here in case you missed it. My 2016 was freaking awesome and hell I felt very much alive last year. Not that I was dead before that but, you get what I mean. I live!!

So, what was in it for me in the last 1/3 of 2016? Dancing? Definitely! I danced my way to Bangkok for my first Salsa Bangkok Festival in November for 4 days 3 nights with a couple of my salsa friends. It was quite a tiring trip as we were trying to juggle between attending the Salsa event, which took up about 6 hours of our day for 3 days consecutively and doing a little sight seeing. There were performances by people from all around the world, from 8.30pm to 10.30pm and social dancing after that until 2am. Yeap, zombie Honey danced and walked around the street of Bangkok for days yo! I experienced my first pool party too. Well, dancing in the pool…totally weird. Try doing a dip on a girl when you dance in the water. It was funny, but pool water is definitely not my drink of choice! Obviously, I’m speaking from experience. LOL!


The street of Bangkok, Thailand. Photo taken by @honeyhong with Sony A6000

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to explore much of Bangkok, therefore I do have plans to go back there again to see more of Thailand; their culture, food (man I miss their Pad Thai and lime sauce steam fish!) and the shopping experience of course! Here are some of the photos I took from the trip : Bangkok, Thailand. Photos taken by @honeyhong


Pad Thai. Photo taken by @honeyhong with Sony A6000

However, amidst of all the fun, I received a shocking news that my grandpa had passed away while I was there. I returned to KL as scheduled and arrived home at midnight from Bangkok, had a couple hours of sleep, took the first morning flight back to Penang, and flew back to KL a few days after the funeral was over. Weekends before that and after, I’ve been making a lot of trips back to Penang to overlook some house renovation matter and it’s still ongoing. Sigh, can you see the big hole on my pocket now? Didn’t seem like the house is going to be ready by Chinese New Year.

Anyway, after all that crazy flying here and there (like I’m some millionaire’s wife!), I attended my first World Bachata Festival here in KL. I don’t take any Bachata lessons but I managed to pick some up from social dancing, so I figured I’d like to see what I can learn from there. I learned some cool Bachata sensual moves, made even more amazing new friends from all around the world, had a lot of crazy time with the salsa peeps here from KL and just kept on dancing!


Jim McCarthy and I dancing bachata during World Bachata Festival 2016

Came December; I hope you guys had a good time celebrating Christmas and New Year eve! My company had a Christmas party a week before and I managed to get two of my friends to attend, one of them which I hadn’t keep in touch with for a while, and they had a great time bonding with my colleagues. It was lovely to catch up a little bit.

I spent Christmas eve out dancing on my usual Saturday night. As for New Year eve, I decided to head to a bar restaurant for some pop dancing with Kim, my crazy gym bro who can shake… that… ass! Oh yeah, I think we rocked the dance floor alright. Well, the dancing were great but those annoying guys who were bothering us weren’t! All and all, I think I’ve shorten a little bit of my life span inhaling the smoke but it was an awesome way to usher the New Year! Woohooooo!!..Until I fell sick on the very first day of 2017, and I still sound like a frog with my stuffy nose.

On top of all the exhilarating dancing, my job, working out in the gym and meeting new people, I rekindled with some friends that I’ve lost touch for a while. Friends who I got to know during their business trip here to Malaysia; from Germany, UK, Austria and they all have plans to visit Malaysia soon, with their partners. Can’t wait to see them again after a long time!

Well, I guess that wrapped up one of the chapters in my life;  a good one indeed. I started a new job, made a lot of new friends, danced like it was the end of the world, spend a little more time with family and friends, got myself injured and recovering from it, went travelling, put on some weight 🙂 and then achieved my fitness goal, picked up 4 types of dances in 10 months… I’d say that’s some achievement. Everything seemed to fall into place in 2016, except for relationship. No luck in that one yet but it’s all good! I’m happy and content with everything I have right now. Here’s to another amazing new year. Can’t wait to fill up the jar with more interesting stories. Until then, have a great weekend guys! Cheers! 🙂