The Pencil Skirt

You’d probably be wondering why The Pencil Skirt. I’m not in the fashion industry or selling any pencil skirts here. In my adolescent days, I was a sensitive emotional individual with no close ones that I can speak to. If you get to know me now, you’d never guess that I was a 360 degrees different than the person I am. Some say, I have always been a person I am now but was in a restricted environment that hindered me from shining or bloom. I spent my days locked up in the room staring at computer screens and have since made it my comfortable friend. I started pouring my heart out in my blog since 2005, and along the way there were different names to it with variety of reason; mostly self-acceptance; The Big Bones Category, The Hive and now The Pencil Skirt. In the eyes of my family, it seems like I’ve wasted my time throughout my teens and neglected my studies, which I did but am glad I made the right fruitful turn when I was thrown into another island during university days. I grew up, on my own. Intrigued with what the technology has to offer, I ventured further into IT and multimedia, and now staring at screens is how I earn my living; desktop, laptop and most of the time mobile screen.

As a teen, I was a big size girl (compared to other typical Asian girls) with low self esteem who did not feel great about myself. Often I put myself down over small matter, worse I let others put me down and plant negative thoughts into this brain of mine. Now that I’ve grown up, I embraced the person I am because what makes you different, makes you, you. There is no another you in this world, and if people do not appreciate you for who you are, screw it! Love yourself.

My friend used to think that it was lame that I came up with “I don’t have any clothes to wear” whenever they asked me to hangout in the mall during high school days. Little did she know, that I really have issues finding myself clothes to put on whenever I want to hangout with friends, and shopping for pants with my sisters was such a pain, because I could not fit into any of it easily with my thighs that brushed on each other when I walk. Often I got frustrated when I go for clothes shopping. One fine day, after being slapped with the fact that my body comprised of 30% body fat, I decided that I want to look good on clothes while I am still young, while I can still burn. Bham! That’s the beginning of the new me. The first thing that I thought of, is to try on a pencil skirt that I will never even give a damn trying before this, because I could not fit in them. I worked my way to fit into it.

I worked hard for who I am.

Keep going & don’t stop. Because it is a long process.

“You’ve started. You are already halfway there” – my Uncle Vin

Me today; with my pencil skirt.

Me today; with my pencil skirt.

Growing up, I realised that people that surround you matters. When you surround yourself with positivity, may it be your own thoughts or the people around you, you’d be so much happier and learned to be grateful with what you have. And if you are clouded with negativity, be the source of positive energy and influence them instead. Find joy in making others happy and inspire them.

I’m very glad to have started this journey on my own, learning as I go the hard way. I believe in being able to workout on your own to achieve what you want, because no one is going to do that for you but yourself. Regardless, I’ve made a lot of like minded and fun gym mates and they made my gym days more cheerful. My family and friends are inspired with my determination and motivation in my journey towards fitness, and often I share what I learned to help them achieve their fitness goal and motivate them as well. The results that I gained and their compliments are my drive to strive harder, and this determination somehow grown stronger in time, all because I wanted to fit into a pencil skirt!


I learned to love myself; inside out.

It was a pencil skirt that changed my lifestyle; that shaped the person I am now. It is what that drives the determination to kickstart my journey in fitness and health, that in turn gave me more than just a nice physique & a healthy body. I found myself.

The person I am now, is filled with happiness, positivity and confidence. I learned to love myself; inside out.


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